Once you have a final draft of your manuscript, it is a good idea to have it proofread to ensure there are no spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes; to check the consistency of tense; or that the capitalisation and hyphenation of words are consistent and correct throughout.

I can check and correct these aspects so your manuscript is ready to submit to an agent/publisher or self-publish on Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). 

It is important to have your manuscript proofread by someone else to avoid costly mistakes. You cannot proofread your own manuscript as you are too close to the work and will end up reading what you expect to see rather than what you’ve actually written.

It is also unwise to rely solely on your computer’s spell checker. Spelling and grammar checkers have their limitations and are never 100% correct.

The cost of proofreading a manuscript is £5 per 1,000 words, minimum charge £50. Any additional work required once the manuscript has been returned (more proofreading or other changes required by the author) is charged at £25 per hour (min charge £25).

If you’d like to get in touch to discuss your requirements, please fill in a contact form.

Please note that I only edit manuscripts using UK English. 

I can also format your manuscript so it has a professional layout and can be sent to an agent/publisher or uploaded onto Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). Click here for more details.